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Dryholme Farm - Home to Montgomerie Feeds

Animal and poultry feed has been made at Dryholme Farm for more than 20 years.

Prior to 2002, we manufactured solely under contract for large national feed companies, then in 2002 we launched our own brand under the name: Montogomerie Feeds.

Pesticide Free for over 20 Years

Although we are not classified organic, no pesticides have been used on our farm for over 20 years. Crops grown for animal and poultry feed are fully Crop Assured (CMI) and our Herbage (haylage) is produced from our own re-created old style meadows.

Proud of our Green Credentials

We are proud of our 'green' credentials and where possible we try to source our bought-in cereals from local crop assured growers.

Approved by UFAS

As an approved UFAS mill, all of our customers can be assured that our range of quality mixes and blends are made using fully traceable ingredients.

Horse Feed

A range of concentrate horse/pony feeds developed to help balance deficiencies in forage and to provide extra energy and condition when required.

Light Mix

A low protein, high fibre feed lightly coated in vegetable oil. With added vitamins and minerals for health and well being. Virtually molasses free.

Protein 10% Fibre 20% Oil 3%

Working Mix

Traditional cereal muesli blended with quality high protein long fibre for increased stamina in competition horses. With added vitamins and minerals for health and well being. Molasses coated to encourage fussy feeders.

Protein 13% Fibre 14% Oil 2.9%

Herbal Coarse Mix

Traditional cereal muesli for horses in work. With added vitamins and minerals for health and well being. Molasses coated to encourage fussy feeders.

Protein 12% Fibre 14% Oil 2.9%

Molassed Sugar Beet Pellets

A highly digestible fibre feed. Feed on its own, with hard feed or mix with Montgomerie Feeds Conditioning Nuts (mashed) to make an economical wet, high fibre, slow-release energy feed. Useful as a re-hydration feed for Endurance Horses.

Conditioning Nuts

A very versatile feed which can be fed dry, softened or mashed. Useful as a partial 'hay replacer' for elderly horses/ponies. Known to keep competition on competition horses.

Protein 14.5% Fibre 21% Oil 2%

Herbage (haylage)

Made from our specially grown meadows, seeded with a mix of grasses and herbs chosen from the BHS list of 'good' grasses.

Fodder Sweet

Molassed oat straw chopped to a length that encourages mastication leading to a healthier gut.

Cattle and Sheep

Product List

We offer a range of agricultural feeds for all stages of development from weaning to finishing.


Our products are available in BULK, T.Tote and 25 kg bags.

Bespoke Recipes

Don't see what you need? See our Bespoke Recipe section.

General Purpose Product List

Coarse Calf/Lamb Molassed
Coarse Calf/Lamb & Fibre
Coarse Calf/Lamb Dry
GP Finisher
Firth Blend

Sheep Product List

Sheep - Economy 17
Gimmer Mix
Super Tup Mix
14% Tup Mix
Ewe Mix (17%)
Commercial Sheep 16
Suffolk Mix
Suffolk Mix & Fibre
Suffolk Mix & Oats

Cattle Product List

Beef Grower + Mins
Beef Grower/Mins & Fibre
Concentrate 30 + Mins
Flakey Rearer
Begin to Wean
Nutty Stock 16
Bull Mix No.5
Pedigree Bull Mix
Commercial Beef 16
Commercial Beef 18

Other Products

Poultry Feed

Montgomerie Feeds Mixed Poultry Corn

A non-medicated mix of whole wheat and cut maize. A popular choice for small-holders.

Alpaca Mix

Alpaca Coarse Mix

Alpaca Coarse Mix & Fibre

Bespoke Recipes

Because we are an independent mill we are able to offer a bespoke recipe service to our customers.
As well as supplying farmers with Concentrates and Barley Balancers formulated to meet their specific needs, we currently supply a Show Jumping/Dealing yard with their own horse feed formulation and bespoke recipe for a dairy herd farmer formulated by his vet.
Talk to us about your specific requirements - we'd be happy to prepare a bespoke recipe for you.

Self Collection

You can self collect from our mill
Click our Location page for a map and directions to Montgomerie Feeds.
Self collection procedure
1) Contact us to check availability and place your order Tel: 016973 31396.
2) Arrange your collection time.
3) Call at our office to collect your paperwork and make your collection.
Payment terms
Cash or credit card payment is required at the time of collection.
Please see our Location page for directions and a map to Dryholme Farm.


Telephone: 016973 31396
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